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As an expert in the integration and digitalization of business processes, Cinalia can guide you through rolling out the solution that is best suited to your issues.
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Digitalizing business processes

The digitalization of business processes is one of the most promising trends in system virtualization. Additionally, it offers many advantages to companies: smart automation, increased process efficiency and access to relevant insights across all of their business areas.

As an expert in the integration and digitalization of business processes, Cinalia can guide you through rolling out the solution that is best suited to your issues. Whatever your sector – healthcare, retail, supermarkets, transportation, etc. – our teams can identify any tasks and processes that could potentially be virtualized, in areas like finance, production, supply chain, purchasing, services, HR, and more.

Expertise of a specialist in business integration

From build to run, our teams will put all of their resources and expertise to work, to confidently and simply digitalize your business processes. We will help you understand your corporate culture and your needs, in order to guarantee your business and service continuity:

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  • Reviews of existing set-ups and portfolios of services

  • Functional audits

  • Benchmarking and positioning

  • Organizational design, target process

  • Design and coordination of the transformation plan

  • Assignment of consultants and relevant skill sets

  • Comprehensive onboarding program

  • Hiring, as part of certain projects

  • Staff training on managing purchasing and information systems.

  • Tool maintenance

  • In the form of user management

  • Set-up of business rules

  • User support (changes to workflows, debugging)

  • Assistance

  • New functionalities’ acceptance and other testing, and go-live

Proven methodology for the integration of your business applications

The use of smart objects within a complex ecosystem demands the technological mastery of an integrator capable of melting into your corporate culture in order to stimulate innovation. From the kickoff meeting to scheduling to risk analysis, Cinalia will put a five-step methodology to work for your project:

Needs analysis

Set-up of dedicated technical and functional workshops with business and IT users (drafting of specifications and business management rules).

Configuration and integration

Implementation of business management rules within the tool (drafting of a configuration manual).


Approval of test and fulfilment of the acceptance test phase (production of test scripts and scenarios, scheduling and a test report).

Change management

Procedures and user training (definition of procedures and training plans).


Rollout of the solution as per the strategy defined during the workshops.

Which functional applications for which business issues?

At Cinalia, IT experts work closely with the information systems and digital tools that form today’s solutions in the fields of e-commerce, customer relations, purchasing, human resources and performance analysis. This way, you can give your teams the most effective operational capabilities and focus on your core business. These tools cover the following subjects, among others:

S2P Processes

Unify the process of purchasing goods and services in a source to pay digital platform that allows you to save money on sourcing, facilitates collaboration and improve your forecasting – all key steps in making your company more dynamic.


Digitalization has moved into the sphere of human resources. HR departments are gradually adopting digital technologies to create their own catalogues of services, attract new talent and develop new collaboration methods.


More than just an interface, an effective CRM lets you boost the quality and effectiveness of your customer relations. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of CRM software, we are in a position to recommend the solution that is best suited to your company.


A strategic tool for performance analysis, enterprise performance management allows you to consolidate the management of your activities’ operations and budget. By entrusting these critical tasks to Cinalia, you will reap the benefits of strong software expertise and support throughout the rollout process.

Thanks to years of experience meeting our clients’ digital needs, Cinalia can guide you through the process of defining your specifications and/or choosing the tools that are best suited to your master plan.

Our consultants possess cutting-edge expertise in tools that are very precise and in high demand, including:

  • Ivalua :

Expense and supplier relations management

  • Board :

A decision-making platform

  • ServiceNow :

A workflow automation platform

  • Alfa GRH :

A payroll management, workforce tracking and budgeting module

  • Alfa GESCO :

A sales management solution

  • CEGI Yooz :

A paperless billing solution

  • CEGI Compta First :

An accounting, financial and budget management solution

  • Apologic Suite :

Software dedicated to human services (scheduling, billing, payroll, etc.)

And they also know the issues associated with finance and purchasing information systems like the backs of their hands, allowing them to recommend the best possible option(s) for the business areas and processes that you want to digitalize.

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