Conseil stratégique en transformation digitale

Strategic consulting for digital transformation

Cinalia, Synelience Group’s strategic consulting, cybersecurity and software engineering division, specializes in digital and computing guidance for companies that want to speed up their digital transformation and rethink their IT ecosystems, as easily as possible.

Cinalia is a leading French player capable of advising businesses of all kinds, in any sector, thanks to the comprehensive range of services it provides. We apply all of our expertise to your issues, expertise built on years of experience at the forefront of the technological breakthroughs that are transforming our organizations and the way we work.

Thanks to our cross-cutting skill sets, encompassing guidance, integration, rollouts, operations, training and skills transfers, your transformation 2.0 project – whatever its details may be – will reap the benefits of personalized support and recommendations.

Tailored to your business issues

Our teams function at the heart of innovation and are here to help you identify and roll out the right digital tools and smart resources for any kind of issue: development of omnichannel sales and very high-speed networks, set-up of smart and IoT solutions to secure your traffic flows and detect incidents faster, use of artificial intelligence and facial recognition to improve the experience or cut operating costs, and the list goes on.


At Cinalia, we know that there is no such thing as a ready-made solution. Whatever the project, we adopt a pragmatic approach that we tailor to your challenges and constraints, as well as a strategic vision to meet your development and growth targets.

  • Definition of objectives
  • Selection of the most appropriate strategic, value-creating orientations based on your needs
  • Operational implementation in line with your objectives

Our added value takes the form of our consultants’ ability to grasp what makes you unique and understand the particularities of your organization, your market, your functions, your objectives and your corporate culture.

From the start to the end of your project, your contacts at Cinalia will be members of a team that is modest in size but packed with all of the skills needed to support you and answer your questions as quickly as necessary.


While every project is unique and dictates its own methodology, some of the features of our services are carved in stone: our quality of service, the precision of our audits, the simplicity and effectiveness of our proposals, and so on:


  • As the starting point for any relevant strategy, a precise audit needs to be conducted. To do that, we hold meetings – both in-person and virtual – as well as visits to your organization and steering committee meetings.

Strategic recommendations

  • We collect information from the field – from your teams, your existing and prospective customers, and market data – and use it to highlight your strengths, weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages, to adapt your project
  • Feasibility, relevance, customization

Change management

  • As needed, we can plan ahead and prepare onboarding for future users, accompanied by a change management plan that defines communication plans and procedures, training kits tailored to users, identification of hand-over points, etc


To align your decisions with your development and digitalization objective, Cinalia offers a comprehensive array of premium digital and computing services. Whatever your needs may be, our experts can guarantee the success of your operating model and the effectiveness of your new solutions:

  • Audits

  • Strategic recommendations

  • Project support and steering

  • Rollouts

  • Change management

  • Data analytics

  • Architecture

  • Business intelligence

  • Information system master plans

  • Digital marketing

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