Cinalia, expert sur les questions de conformité multiréférentielle et de sécurisation informatique, vous accompagne dans la définition de vos enjeux de conformité et votre stratégie de cybersécurité.
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Cybersecurity: Data protection & compliance

The rapid digitalization of resources and data in recent years has exponentially expanded the target area and number of cyberattacks on all kinds of organizations, in both the private and public sectors.

Furthermore, this intensification has been accompanied by a degree of sophistication that is capable of striking at core businesses and stopping them in their tracks, now that information systems are pivotal components of business activities. In fact, it can now take just a few minutes to launch a cyber espionage, spam or ransomware campaign that may block some or all of those activities.

Cinalia, Synelience Group’s strategic consulting, cybersecurity and software engineering division, has been working on questions of data protection and compliance for many years now, topics that are now embedded into any IT renovation or digital transformation project.

A Cyber Campus participant

Cinalia is part of the network of companies with ties to France’s Cyber Campus, thanks to its affiliation with the Qorum Secur’Num collective. The Cyber Campus initiative was launched by the French government to bring players and skilled individuals from the IT security sector together, to work on innovative projects that will contribute to the creation of a trustworthy digital society and promote French excellence in the field of cybersecurity.

One of the initiative’s main objectives is none other than capacity-building, so that anyone can be proficient in digital risk management, thanks to initial and ongoing training for different target audiences – a much-needed skills upgrade that Cinalia is in a position to facilitate, thanks to our expertise in change management.

Expertise in end-to-end protection

Whatever your structure – a public or reception building, offices in multiple locations, shopping malls, healthcare establishments, etc. – we can help you proactively and meticulously secure your information systems, your networks, your access points and all of your IoT equipment.

From building reliable infrastructure to ensuring compliance, by way of integrating smart solutions, our teams do their work without disrupting your business and set up the most appropriate governance and risk management tools for your specifications.

This gives you multi-tiered protection, in terms of both your hardware (computers, tablets, access points, IoT, etc.) and your software (programs, data, networks, etc.), so that all of your endpoints are protected.


  • Audits of the organizational, legal and technical aspects of your compliance and/or cybersecurity status
  • Implementation of your security strategy
  • Training for your staff
  • Awareness-raising for your different audience types


  • Strategic, regulatory and technological monitoring, performed to identify trends and vulnerabilities


  • Support for the implementation of organizational, legal and technical security measures tailored to your business, your issues and your risks


  • Installation of professional protection tools like firewalls, antiviruses, anti-spam & intrusion
  • Detection software, with rapid response times to get your business back up and running after an incident, while minimizing its economic impact


  • Change management processes to help your users master your new solutions
  • And/or skills transfers to enable your employees to intervene on your company’s information systems

Certified expertise

At Cinalia, it is important for us to encourage our employees to grow, for their own benefit and to ensure you have access to qualified experts.

Every year, more of our consultants earn certification or another qualification in their areas of expertise:

  • ISO 27001 LI

  • ISO 27001 LA

  • DPO Bureau Veritas


Our teams of experts in matters of multi-standard compliance and IT security can assist you and give you peace of mind when it comes to defining your compliance issues and your cybersecurity strategy, and integrating new digital solutions with your IT environment.

  • Master plans for information systems and their security

  • Organizational, legal and technical audits and assessments

  • Compliance work and/or assistance with certification (ISO 27001, ISO 27701, GDPR, health data hosting, and other specific standards)

  • Incorporation of proactive compliance tools into risk management processes: governance consoles, behavioral analysis tools, encryption tools, antiviruses, firewalls, etc.

  • Shared SOCs/NSOCs

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