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Accelerate your digital transformation with some of the most sought-after talent in the IT sector: with its extensive network of 2.0 profiles, Cinalia can connect you to the experts you need.
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Digital skills in demand

During digital transformation, which quickly disrupts connected ecosystems and standards, business decision-making can be slowed down by a lack of skilled resources, a trend that then affects both productivity and growth. Under these conditions, it can be difficult for CIOs to implement a digital strategy that is compatible with long-term development.

As Synelience Group’s strategic consulting, cybersecurity and software engineering division, Cinalia’s mission is to assist companies with their digital transformation by connecting them with qualified profiles of passionate, value-creating digital talent.

Thanks to expertise confirmed by many certifications and close attention paid to the most strategic issues of the 2.0 world – cybersecurity, IoT, IT management, development of software and solutions, etc. – the rare gems we employ can help you define your secure, high-performance digital framework.

Access to IT profiles, the talent you need

Whatever your sector or your issues, Cinalia can provide you with high-added-value talent. Whether you are integrating new management software, developing a master plan for governance or defining a long-term direction for your digital strategy, these qualified individuals will be able to identify the most relevant digital growth levers for your organization.

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  • Project support

  • Data analytics

  • Network and cloud connectivity

  • Application and website design

  • Digital marketing & UX/UI

  • SEO optimization

Whatever your needs are, our consultants will give you access to certified skill sets to meet your needs, whatever they may be, to drive digital innovation forward within your ecosystem.

With their start-up culture and entrepreneurial spirit, our consultants can adapt quickly to your company’s culture, allowing them to grasp your issues and set up a strategy that meets and exceeds your roadmap.

Thanks to their technological proficiency and their knowledge of today’s digital issues, our consultants provide much more than mere support. Whatever your challenge or the scope of your project, they can roll out your new, smart solutions so they are perfectly interoperable with your existing ecosystem, guaranteeing you service continuity and stable performance levels.

Comprehensive digital services

The talent that we identify and assign to your projects will be the keys to ensuring that they run smoothly and to the accelerated expansion of digital technologies within your ecosystem. Throughout your time together, they will be able to guide and assist you with a wide variety of services:

Brand management

  • Brand strategy

  • Social media

  • E-commerce

Project support

  • Methodological support

  • Agile and DevOps

  • Project, program, portfolio and PMO management

Modeling & creation

  • Data strategy

  • IS architecture and integration

  • Definition of products and services

Software design

  • Back-end, front-end and cross-device developments

  • Third-party maintenance

  • Optimization of DevOps / CI / CD processes

  • Security guarantee

Data structure & use

  • Data analysis and utilization

  • Construction of data lakes

  • Data science

Acquisition & conversion

  • CRM / e-CRM management

  • Coordination of e-marketing levers

  • Optimization of journeys (A/B testing)

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