Compliance implementation

The complexity of compliance arises from the ambitious regulatory objectives and the need to adapt to the operational constraints faced by various professions.


Objectives of compliance

How can an effective compliance program be defined and deployed, accepted by all, and aligned with your overall strategy ?

The complexity of compliance arises from the ambitious regulatory objectives, often very ambitious, and the adaptation to the operational constraints faced by various professions. Moreover, it is important to work hand in hand with the people on the ground to help them understand the necessary changes to be implemented and ensure an effective deployment.

Trois personnes qui parlent de stratégie.

A methodology in 5 steps

That is why our approach involves working closely with your teams to determine the necessary and most appropriate measures to meet various requirements. Our services are based on a 5-step methodology :

  • Project scoping and needs determination.

  • Compliance evaluation.

  • Development of a prioritized action plan.

  • Monitoring of the action plan and implementation of various measures (drafting policies, procedures, and templates, conducting specific analyses and action plans, etc.).

  • Validation of deliverables produced at each stage.

The pragmatism, experience, and expertise of Cinalia consultants enable them to combine rigor and efficiency with an approach that respects the concerns of all stakeholders. Their in-depth knowledge of regulations and standards such as ISO 27001, GDPR, and NIS 1/2 (among others), as well as their familiarity with best practices, facilitate and expedite your compliance efforts.

Our complementary services in compliance and risk management

Discover the other risk management and compliance services offered by Cinalia.

Regulatory audit

  • Standards and regulations surrounding cybersecurity and data protection proliferate and evolve regularly. Need clarity on them ?

Compliance audit

  • What measures should your company adopt to comply with a specific framework (law, regulation, ISO standard, etc.) ?

Risk analysis

  • What are the risks your company is exposed to ? What measures should be taken to mitigate these risks ?

Outsourced Data Protection Officer

  • Lacking internal expertise for GDPR compliance ?

Compliance trainings

  • Do you want to enhance your own knowledge or train your teams on the strictest security standards in cybersecurity and data protection ?
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