Process Modeling

By formalizing the tasks and operating methods of each business unit, Cinalia consultants enable you to assess the contribution of digital technology to your processes and identify potential performance gains.


The objectives of process modeling

Have you identified any gains or cost reductions in your information processing ?

By formalizing the tasks and operating procedures of each business service director, Cinalia consultants enable you to assess the impact of digital technology on your operations and identify potential performance gains.

Managing a process repository is part of your quality approach and also facilitates the onboarding of new employees.

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A 3-Step Methodology

Our approach is based on 3 steps :

  • Process Modeling using the Brown Paper methodology.
  • Identification of unique and cross-functional business data repositories.
  • Data Mapping.

Cinalia’s process modeling enables you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the targeted business processes, which serves as the foundation for developing a requirements specification (statement of work) for the implementation of a planned project within the ISMP.

Our complementary services in Information systems governance

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Development of Information Systems Master Plan (ISMP)

  • How to define an Information Systems Master Plan (ISMP) and establish the necessary budgets for all your projects ?

Implementation of the Information Systems Master Plan Development

  • How to secure investments related to your ISMP projects ?

Information systems urbanization

  • How can you regain agility in your IT systems and support your long-term strategy in the face of increasing application proliferation ?

Governance trainings

  • When an IT manager has recently been promoted to CIO, how can they quickly enhance their skills and knowledge ?
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