Security Operation Center (SOC)

A SOC refers to the team responsible for the monitoring and management of an organization's information systems security


The objectives of a Security Operations Center (SOC)

You are aware of the constant threat posed by cyber attacks to your business. But how can you protect yourself against real-time cyber threats ?

This is where Cinalia’s Security Operations Center (SOC) service comes into play. Our SOC continuously monitors your network, information systems, and data to detect any suspicious or malicious activity.

Image représentant une activite liee a la cybersecurite

SOC mission

Our team of experts in information systems security detects and responds to security incidents by continuously analyzing all relevant sources of information, including :

  • Your event logs,
  • Security alerts,
  • Network and application monitoring data,
  • Threat intelligence…

The cutting-edge tools used by Cinalia consultants enable them to swiftly detect and halt attacks before they cause significant harm. Furthermore, they are equipped to conduct a comprehensive analysis of any security incident to determine the attack’s source and implement necessary measures to prevent its recurrence in the future.

Our complementary services in operational cybersecurity

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