About Cinalia

Strategic Consulting, Cybersecurity and Application Engineering Division

Drawing on an international network of local agencies and renowned technology partners, Cinalia is strategically positioned to help you integrate and secure the digital tools that will revolutionize the way you work and your vision of productivity.

As a Strategic Consulting, Cybersecurity and Application Engineering division, Cinalia’s mission is to support companies in their digital transformation and to develop and integrate efficient and secure digital solutions.

Business situations. People in the office

A unique partner with high added value

Green IT

As our teams and consultants become ever more sensitive to environmental matters, they work to develop solutions that match your development targets with your corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy.

Healthcare, our core business

Thanks to our history strongly linked to the health sector, we have in-depth knowledge of its challenges which allows us to implement e-health solutions with a unique agility.
International network
Thanks to Synelience Group’s presence in seven countries, plus many local branch offices and partnerships established with manufacturers and operators both in France and abroad, Cinalia gives you access to the full force of an agile network of proximity.
Our customers

They trust us

We support our clients in their digital transformation. Our teams and consultants know how to deal with the challenges and problems posed by players from all types of sectors.

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