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Strategic Cybersecurity and Application Intelligence

In an era where cyber threats increase the sense of digital insecurity, complicating data management and compliance efforts, ensuring maximum protection across your application infrastructure and networks has become a significant challenge.

As a specialized division in Cybersecurity and Application Intelligence within the Synelience Group, Cinalia operates at the forefront of complex compliance issues surrounding cyber risk management. Leveraging our experience with demanding businesses and healthcare establishments, we deploy customized expertise to address your specific needs, regardless of the context.

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A unique and high-value-added partner

Environmental Responsibility and Green WiFi Program

Increasingly sensitive to environmental issues, our teams and consultants develop solutions that align with your development objectives and CSR approach. Moreover, the projects you entrust to us contribute to our Green WiFi program of tree planting.

Healthcare DNA

Thanks to our strong history in the healthcare sector, we possess a deep understanding of its challenges and issues, enabling us to approach our projects with unique agility.

Campus Cyber Partner

Our partnership with Campus Cyber offers numerous benefits to our clients. By joining the cybersecurity community, we strengthen our position as a trusted player in the cybersecurity field, while sharing our expertise and ideas with other community members.
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Do you need assistance with GDPR compliance ?

As a business, it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with these obligations, which can sometimes be challenging given the complexity of the GDPR and its requirements. That’s why a GDPR compliance audit is an ideal solution to help you verify if your company is compliant.

Information Systems Governance

Do you want to plan the future of your IS considering your cybersecurity challenges, business objectives, and profitability ?

The development of an Information Systems Master Plan (ISMP) involves a comprehensive analysis of existing infrastructure, business processes, application components, user requirements, and future technological trends to define a clear vision and roadmap for the future of your company’s information system.

Gouvernance des SI
Gouvernance des SI
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