Why Cinalia ?

Cinalia, a true partner who understands the full extent of your cybersecurity challenges and empowers you to master them.

More than a service provider, a partner.

Are you looking for a true partner who can understand the full extent of your cybersecurity challenges and, more importantly, help you better understand and master them?

By combining expert knowledge with exceptional support and unparalleled proximity, Cinalia offers exactly that : going beyond the role of a service provider to become your greatest ally in compliance and cybersecurity.

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As a long-standing partner of healthcare institutions and the most demanding data security institutions, Cinalia possesses a deep expertise that caters to every industry. Regardless of size and challenges, we provide strategic recommendations and implement the most suitable processes for each Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) and cybersecurity issue.

Action, Reaction, Training

Our consultants are our strength—and soon to be yours. Drawing from extensive knowledge and experience, we don't just fight against cyber risks; we impart all the skills and knowledge necessary to empower you to navigate your digital security challenges with complete autonomy.


We are passionate about our work and dedicated to transferring our expertise and knowledge to our clients, enabling them to independently manage their cyber risks.

Environmental Responsibility and Green WiFi Program

We support our clients in an environmentally conscious digital transformation by adopting an eco-responsible approach to our work. We provide recommendations that consider the best practices for minimizing the carbon footprint of a project. Additionally, Cinalia has joined the Green WiFi program, and for each engaged workday (hourly or fixed-rate), a new tree is planted.
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