Development of the Information Systems Master Plan

The ISMP enables companies to establish an information system that aligns with their transformation goals at a time when it is at the core of all strategic challenges.
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The objectives of developing an Information Systems Master Plan Development

How to define an Information Systems Master Plan Development (ISMP) and establish the necessary budgets for all your projects ?

In the context of digital transformation and the significant role played by information systems in implementing corporate strategies, the ISMP provides a direction and perspective, identifies performance and growth drivers, and aligns employees with a shared vision.

The ISMP enables companies to establish an information system that matches their transformation ambitions, considering key strategic aspects such as infrastructure, cloud computing, data management, and cybersecurity.

The ISMP offers a cross-functional vision for the next 3-5 years, involving all stakeholders, including IT and business teams, and establishes a new organization for the IT department based on three pillars :

  • Long-term governance: Aim for optimizing internal organization, management control, and budgetary processes.
  • Information system urbanization
  • Catalog of business projects, infrastructure projects, and foundational projects (business reference models) : Prioritize, budget, and plan these projects.
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The Cinalia approach to Information Systems Master Plan

Drawing on a structured and proven approach, Cinalia consultants accompany you in developing a comprehensive implementation trajectory, involving top management, business units, and the IT department. Our service is typically organized into five key stages :

  • Formalization of challenges and objectives.
  • Establishing the project methodology and deliverables.
  • Defining strategic axes and operational objectives.
  • User satisfaction survey for the IS.
  • Alignment with business units and members of the Executive Committee.
  • Application mapping and SWOT analysis.
  • Development of the IS project catalog and prioritization.
  • Target IS urbanization scheme.
  • Modeling of IS governance.
  • Writing the Information Systems Master Plan.
  • Roadmap and action plan.
  • Monitoring indicators and project management document.
  • Evaluation of deviations.
  • Revision of the trajectory and priorities of the ISMP.

The expertise and neutrality of Cinalia consultants enable you to gain a long-term vision for your Information System. You have a shared implementation trajectory agreed upon by all stakeholders. All actors and decision-makers involved in digital challenges are also sensitized within an operational organization.

With Cinalia’s ISMP development service, you have complete control over the management of your Information System’s evolution and its economic challenges.

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Implementation of the Information Systems Master Plan Development

  • How to secure investments related to your ISMP projects ?

Process modeling

  • Have you identified any gains or cost reductions in your information processing ?

Information systems urbanization

  • How can you regain agility in your IT systems and support your long-term strategy in the face of increasing application proliferation ?

Governance trainings

  • When an IT manager has recently been promoted to CIO, how can they quickly enhance their skills and knowledge ?
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