Green WiFi reforestation program

Cinalia has joined the Green WiFi program. For every consulting day you entrust to us, we plant a tree!
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Ecological commitment and Green WiFi reforestation program

If the impact of digital technology on the planet is difficult to discern because it is almost invisible, it is nevertheless undeniable. Currently, emissions generated by devices and installations account for between 6% and 10% of global electricity consumption and nearly 4% of CO2 emissions, which is 1.5 times more than the pollution produced by air transport. This impact goes beyond greenhouse gas emissions and extends to chemical contamination, biodiversity, and electronic waste production.

Given the rapid increase in data volumes exchanged, the progressive virtualization of IT resources, and a shorter product lifecycle, this situation cannot be resolved on its own.

That is why Synelience Group, as part of its CSR approach, is taking concrete action to offset its carbon emissions and lay the foundation for greener and more environmentally-friendly growth. This initiative, launched by Wixalia in 2020, finances the planting of one tree for every WiFi device installed, whether it be a WiFi access point, tablet, or PC.

Cinalia has joined this movement, and since 2023, this initiative also applies to our intellectual services, where the number of workday (hourly or fixed rate) is equivalent to the planting of the same number of trees.

Thus, all our clients contribute to the planting of these trees through the digital projects they entrust to us.

Image d'une foret illustrant notre programme green wifi

A positive impact on the planet and ecosystems

Beyond the environmental aspect, this action also contributes to the preservation of biodiversity while creating employment opportunities around the world :


1 tree captures an average of 30 kg of CO2 per year. Do the math !

The larger your needs, the more trees will be planted: based on the size of your project, you will contribute to the creation of a new ecosystem for species affected by deforestation.

In the regions where Eden Reforestation operates, each plantation contributes to the creation of jobs. In fact, 1 day of work is created for every 100 trees planted.

Plant trees with Synelience, Allcolibri, and Eden Reforestation

Led by our partner Allcolibri, the Green WiFi project is locally implemented in several countries affected by deforestation. Only native tree species are planted in these regions, including Central America, Haiti, Mozambique, Kenya, Madagascar, Nepal, and Indonesia. The operational aspect is managed by the NGO Eden Reforestation, which involves local communities to stimulate the local economy and combat poverty.

Key results

Since its launch by Wixalia in 2020, the Green WiFi project has shown incredibly promising results. As of the end of 2023, over 22,000 trees have been planted, which represents :

Trees planted since 2020

Tons of carbon offset per year

Millions of wildlife hosted

Tons of oxygen generated per year

Hours of work created

Squares meters of reforestation

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