Outsourced Chief Information Security Officer

With our outsourced CISO service, you have an expert by your side to manage your entire cybersecurity in line with your strategy and budget.
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The objectives of an outsourced Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

How to integrate cybersecurity into your business processes with a limited team ?

Cinalia’s outsourced CISO service allows all companies to benefit from an expert while sharing the costs. It provides an external and objective perspective on the security of your organization, identifies security risks, and proposes tailored solutions.

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The mission of an Outsourced Chief Information Security Officer

The scope of our outsourced CISO covers all aspects of your projects, including :

  •  Implementation of recommended security measures,
  •  Monitoring of information systems,
  •  Utilization of security software, etc.

They are also responsible for managing security incidents, from event management to investigating the incident and implementing measures to prevent recurrence. Your outsourced CISO accompanies you throughout the entire process.

Since cybersecurity is an ongoing activity, our outsourced CISO offering can provide regular monitoring of your company’s information systems security and periodic evaluations of the effectiveness of implemented security measures.

With our outsourced CISO service, you benefit from an expert who manages your entire cybersecurity in alignment with your strategy and budget. Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs, even with a limited team, to ensure the security of your organization and protect your sensitive data.

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