Strengths of Cinalia

Cinalia can drive your digital transformation at the highest level of standards and service.
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Why choose Cinalia?

Don’t let your digital transformation overwhelm you. Instead, count on a partner that is as demanding as you are. As Synelience Group’s strategic consulting, cybersecurity and software engineering division, Cinalia offers solutions designed to boost the potential of digital innovation within your ecosystem.

By applying the highest standards to all of our services and paying special attention to our consultants’ success, Cinalia is able to provide high-added-value support, regardless of your issues and expectations in connection with digital technologies.

Drawing from an international network of local offices and renowned tech partners, Cinalia occupies a strategic position when it comes to helping you integrate and secure the digital tools that will revolutionize how you work and also how you see productivity.

Cinalia’s advantages

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As our teams and consultants become ever more sensitive to environmental matters, they work to develop solutions that match your development targets with your corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy, to ensure that sustainability is embedded in your digital transformation.

Our previous expertise in this demanding field and in-depth knowledge of the complex reality of the healthcare business has helped us develop a deep understanding of the issues and an extensive skills network, resulting in our unique ability to accelerate projects.

Thanks to Synelience Group’s presence in seven countries, plus many local branch offices and partnerships established with manufacturers and operators both in France and abroad, Cinalia gives you access to the full force of a network worthy of a larger group, and all of this with the agility and closeness of teams working in a decompartmentalized way, with a 360° vision of digitalization.

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