Risk analysis

Anticipate and protect yourself from cyber risks with Cinalia's risk analysis services.


Objectives of a risk analysis

What are the risks your company is exposed to ? What measures should be taken to mitigate these risks ?

A risk analysis allows for a thorough assessment of a specific scope (processing, processes, etc.) to estimate the level of compliance, identify associated risks, and propose remediation measures. It is an ideal exercise to anticipate risks and protect against their realization.

Image illustrant l'analyse des risques
  • This service will help you identify threats, their sources, risks, their potential severity, likelihood of occurrence, and actions to be taken to mitigate these risks.
  • Cinalia’s risk analysis also includes a clear and detailed action plan to implement security recommendations and enhance your company’s security.

Our experts will assist you in effectively anticipating and protecting against various threats.

Our complementary services in compliance and risk management

Discover the other risk management and compliance services offered by Cinalia.

Regulatory Audit

  • Standards and regulations surrounding cybersecurity and data protection proliferate and evolve regularly. Need clarity on them ?

Compliance audit

  • What measures should your company adopt to comply with a specific framework (law, regulation, ISO standard, etc.) ?

Compliance implementation

  • How can an effective compliance program be defined and deployed, accepted by all, and aligned with your overall strategy ?

Outsourced Data Protection Officer

  • Lacking internal expertise for GDPR compliance ?

Compliance trainings

  • Do you want to enhance your own knowledge or train your teams on the strictest security standards in cybersecurity and data protection ?
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