Our commitment

Cinalia's mission is to assist you in mastering your cybersecurity challenges and to provide you with the means to be as self-reliant as possible in the face of these challenges.
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Empowering you to master your cybersecurity challenges

At Cinalia, our mission is to democratize cybersecurity by making it accessible to everyone.

We believe that every company, regardless of its size, should be able to master the challenges of information security. To achieve this goal, we have developed a methodology that aims to empower organizations in managing cyber risks.

From defining the strategy to implementing technical and educational tools, our team of experts accompanies companies at every step of their security journey. Our comprehensive and personalized approach enables our clients to become self-sufficient in managing their cybersecurity while having access to our expertise whenever needed.


Our values

We firmly believe that our core values are the foundation of our success and that of our clients. Therefore, we take pride in showcasing them in all our actions.

Expertise & Curiosity about the business

Our consultants demonstrate a strong curiosity about the business. This quality enables them to gain a deep understanding of your industry and stay at the forefront of technological and regulatory developments related to it. This curiosity, combined with their expertise, allows them to offer you customized solutions tailored to your specific challenges.

Conviviality, listening, and kindness

We believe that every company is unique, with its own challenges and cybersecurity concerns. We make it a priority to listen to and understand the needs and constraints of each client in order to provide them with personalized and tailored support that is adapted to their specific context.

Corporate social responsibility and environmental commitment

At Cinalia, our commitment to integrity, diversity and inclusion, as well as social and environmental responsibility, is deeply rooted in our values. We believe that the well-being of our employees and the sustainable development of our activities and projects are closely linked to our social responsibility, which is a priority we share with Synelience Group.