Strategy & Commitment

As an expert in the digital transformation of companies and public institutions, it is Cinalia’s mission to make innovation more useful, greener and widely accessible.
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Our approach

Driving digital innovation in the fields of healthcare, retail, logistics, supermarkets, public institution and others, Cinalia’s mission is to make new technologies available to everyone, whatever our clients’ needs, priorities and challenges.

In addition to being accessible, technology must also be meaningful and create value in the daily lives of everyone concerned: extending beyond decision-makers and major groups, innovation should serve consumers, patients, residents, visitors and anyone else that it may affect.

This is why our consultants apply a global vision of technology through our portfolio of services that is as comprehensive as it is exacting, based on the values of support and consideration that are an integral part of our identity.

Our values

As a consulting firm that specializes in digital support and guidance, Cinalia has a duty to combine certified skills and cutting-edge expertise with great attentiveness and support at every step in our collaborations:

360° vision of technology

Our consultants are passionate about technology and the thrill of working in a constantly changing ecosystem. Their cross-cutting profiles and skill sets are further fueled by projects that differ from one to the next, allowing them to develop cutting-edge expertise and a global vision of digital innovation in which nothing is left to chance.

Support, attentiveness and consideration

Whatever the project, we provide kingly support and guidance, thanks to our in-depth understanding of your business issues and our ability to adapt quickly to your corporate culture. We believe that value-creating collaboration should achieve your growth targets while allowing our consultants to grow and thrive on a professional level.

Green IT approach

Thanks to their awareness of ecological matters and their attentiveness to your sustainability objectives, our consultants are able to implement a growth strategy in combination with solutions that respond to the environmental challenges facing society today.