Information systems urbanization

IS Urbanization allows the company to better adapt to technological advancements and meet new business needs. By adopting a strategic approach to IS urbanization, you improve operational efficiency and performance.


The objectives of information systems urbanization

In the face of increasing application complexity, regaining agility in your IT infrastructure and supporting your long-term strategy is crucial.

The complexity of evolving information systems stems from the successive stacking of applications and technologies. This trend has been further exacerbated in recent years with the opening of information systems to the outside, the growing need for data exchange with partners and customers, and the increasing weight of regulatory constraints.

Information Systems urbanization is a process that involves structuring and organizing the various components of an information system within a company or organization. This involves designing a coherent architecture for the different information systems, applications, and services used by the company. It allows for the following :

  • Rationalize information systems and promote better collaboration among different teams within the company.
  • Optimize data management by avoiding duplicates and ensuring the quality of shared information.
  • Better adapt to technological advancements and meet new business needs.

By adopting a strategic approach to information systems urbanization, you improve your operational efficiency and enhance your competitiveness in the market.


Image illustran l'urbanisation des si

Cinalia offers a proven methodology for developing the urbanization of your information system

Cinalia consultants support you in regaining the necessary flexibility for the implementation of your related projects through a proven methodology :

  •  Definition of objectives.
  •  Commercial strategy.
  • Inventory list.
  • Mapping of different layers (business, functional, application, …).
  • Impact on different layers.
  • Consideration of constraints (human, material, …).
  • Definition of deliverables.
  • Definition of milestones.
  • Planning of different stages.

Thanks to Cinalia, you can effectively manage the complexity of your information system through commissioning and decommissioning of business applications, minimizing the impacts on your IT infrastructure.

This allows you to efficiently drive your strategy.

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