Outsourced Data Protection Officer

Cinalia's outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO) service enables you to leverage a shared expert for the establishment and management of personal data protection.

The objectives of an outsourced Data Protection Officer

Do you lack internal expertise for GDPR compliance ?

Cinalia’s outsourced DPO service allows you to benefit from a shared expert for the establishment and management of personal data protection. Our consultant manages all the stages for you :

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DPO consultants are legal experts in data protection and privacy, proficient in implementing best practices. As a true member of your teams, the management of personal data is both rapidly deployed and rigorously handled, while incorporating the needs of your business units. A gradual transfer of responsibility is also planned for a progressive transition to autonomy.

  • Project scoping and determination of your specific needs.

  • Drafting an action plan and estimated timeline to have a clear view of the project’s progression.

  • Advice on your activities, drafting and implementation of policies, procedures, and templates, updating the register of processing activities, contract analysis, identification of necessary Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs), etc.

  • Establishment and management of Steering Committees to validate actions and deliverables.

  • Alignment with GDPR sponsors regarding missions and deliverables.

Our complementary services in compliance and risk management

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Regulatory audit

  • Standards and regulations surrounding cybersecurity and data protection proliferate and evolve regularly. Need clarity on them ?

Compliance audit

  • What measures should your company adopt to comply with a specific framework (law, regulation, ISO standard, etc.) ?

Risk analysis

  • What are the risks your company is exposed to ? What measures should be taken to mitigate these risks ?

Compliance implementation

  • How can an effective compliance program be defined and deployed, accepted by all, and aligned with your overall strategy ?

Compliance trainings

  • Do you want to enhance your own knowledge or train your teams on the strictest security standards in cybersecurity and data protection ?
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