Dedicated training on cybersecurity

Through our training programs, you will be equipped to address the challenges of cybersecurity in a professional and effective manner. You will gain the knowledge and skills to apply best practices and implement the necessary security measures to protect your company and your clients.
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Objectives of our cybersecurity training programs

How to quickly train your professionals or raise awareness among your teams about cybersecurity ?

Cinalia develops dedicated support programs that can include awareness programs and expert coaching for rapid implementation, tailored to your challenges and benefiting from best operational practices.

Our training catalog offers

For information security professionals

For information security professionals, our training programs cover advanced topics such as risk management, network security, application security, and regulatory compliance.

These courses are specifically designed for security managers, security engineers, and security analysts, and can be complemented with personalized coaching for a rapid, effective, and tailored implementation within your specific environment.

Awareness training programs

Sensitization services are also provided, aiming to raise awareness among all your employees regarding cybersecurity.

For optimal effectiveness, these programs are gradually implemented over an extended period and may be accompanied by various evaluation tests to facilitate engagement and measure continuous improvement in their reflexes against different threats.

Healthcare Sector Training

In the context of the healthcare sector, specific training programs cover regulatory requirements, such as the specificities of information systems within healthcare establishments (PGSSI-S, HOPEN, SUN-ES…) and the implementation of the HDS (Health Data Hosting) reference framework. These programs also address security issues specific to healthcare environments, such as patient data confidentiality, protection of connected healthcare systems, and resilience in the event of a security incident.

Our trainers

Our trainers are industry experts in information systems security with practical experience in cybersecurity, possessing in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and security practices.

Our complementary services in operational cybersecurity

Discover the other services in operational cybersecurity provided by Cinalia.

Information Systems Audit

  • What is your level of confidence in your cybersecurity strategy ?

Development of the Information Systems Security Policy

  • How to develop an Information Systems Security Policy (ISSP) that complies with standards and integrates effectively into your organization ?

Outsourced Chief Information Security Officer

  • How to integrate cybersecurity into your business processes with a limited team ?

Security Operation Center (SOC)

  • Are you aware of the constant threat posed by cyberattacks to your business? But how can you ensure real-time protection against cyber threats ?
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