Strategic Consulting, Cybersecurity and Application Engineering Division of Synelience Group, Cinalia offers cross-functional expertise and a comprehensive portfolio of custom digital services.
About us

Strategic Consulting, Cybersecurity and Application Engineering

A Synelience Group brand, Cinalia is also the group’s strategic consulting, cybersecurity and software engineering division, thanks to its cross-cutting expertise and comprehensive portfolio of custom digital services.

Tapping into the synergistic skill sets of Synelience Group’s 350 employees, Cinalia is able to support the digital transformation of private and public structures, by putting digital innovation to work for people, organizations and business processes.

This mission, which is brought to life by teams that are motivated by a start-up mentality and a close alignment with our clients’ issues, is embodied in a comprehensive array of services, from strategic advice to personnel placements, by way of consulting and cybersecurity

Our expertise

Backed by an international network of local branch offices and certified partners, Cinalia provides turnkey solutions that allow our clients and partners to unleash the full potential of digital innovation, thanks to four cross-cutting areas of expertise:



Whatever kind of issue you are facing, our teams can help you roll out the smart resources and digital tools that will allow you to realign your strategy and actions with your growth targets, boost your operational efficiency and ease your teams’ day-to-day workloads by eliminating time-consuming, unrewarding tasks.


Digital solutions

We give you access to added-value profiles that possess certified skill sets. Whatever your needs – project management, engineering, software development, digital strategy, data analysis, etc. – Cinalia’s consultants will quickly adapt to your corporate culture and your projects, so they can immediately get down to work on their assignments.



We can help you detect, investigate and correct any security flaws at your organization (its networks, processes, training, etc.), in order to secure your infrastructure, satisfy current compliance requirements and institute good practices within your teams.


Business integration

We simplify the digitalization of business processes by implementing specific tools and applications that are perfectly interoperable with your existing information systems, and we guarantee they will run smoothly in the long run.


As a longstanding partner of healthcare establishments like hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, Cinalia is very familiar with the challenges and constraints they face and has proven strategic experience developing solutions that are dedicated to improving the daily lives of those structures and their doctors, patients and residents.

Thanks to our mastery of the requirements of the healthcare sector, we are also in a position to work on broader digitalization and security issues, allowing us to offer support to organizations of all kinds, in sectors as varied as supermarkets, retail, events, public institutions and governments, and the list goes on.

The strength of an international group


As an integral part of Synelience Group, Cinalia can reap the benefits of synergistic skill sets between teams that are operating in seven different countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Morocco, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. Internationally, Synelience Group stands for…

  • 350 employees
  • 12 locations
  • 7 countries
  • 150 clients
  • 1,000 sites in operation
  • 600 connected healthcare establishments.

For our consultants, feedback is a source of personal and professional enrichment, which indirectly benefits the clients who place their trust in us. This international network also represents opportunities for mobility that meet the expectations of many of a consultant.